Chocolate Sisters Productions @ Wicked Ale (no apples for you)

One of my favorite body paint bar gig experiences was when I painted two lovely unsuspecting ladies for a private Wicked Apple Ale taste party. These girls were troupers.

They show up thinking they were gonna be doing the same old shot girl promotion thing. Surprise! We need you to get into bikini bottoms and heels…then we’re gonna have you get […]

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Chocolate Sisters Productions Face Painting @ Spooky Empire

I love painting all the freaks and weirdos that attend Spooky Empire in Orlando Florida. These are my kind of people. Blood and gore? Yes! Glitter and glamour? You know it! Then, BLAM! Let’s mix it together and create some truly one of a kind makeups.

Where else will you be requested to paint a pretty zombie princess fresh from a […]

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Chocolate Sisters Productions @ Earth Day Birthday

Holy Moly!! Boobies are flyin ever where at this rock in concert! All kinds of boobies are taken out and put on display here. This gig is not for the faint of heart. I have the honor of being one of the first Bodypaint Rockstars of the female persuasion. Painting with my favorite people and close friends including Nick Wolfe, […]

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