Chocolate Sisters Productions @ Earth Day Birthday

Holy Moly!! Boobies are flyin ever where at this rock in concert! All kinds of boobies are taken out and put on display here. This gig is not for the faint of heart. I have the honor of being one of the first Bodypaint Rockstars of the female persuasion. Painting with my favorite people and close friends including Nick Wolfe, Mick Valasquez, Jay Bautista, Chris Davis and Renette Khan. Legends in the body paint game. Whatever you got up top is all good, there’s no shame here. Working with amazing artist is always an eye popping time, not to mention the collective of artistic juices swirling and merging together to bring each others art creativeness to a higher level. Painting on another level because of these artistic geniuses. It’s absolutely magic what is created on these top less people…and I say people cut there is some man nips that go under the brush and I ain’t mad at that. Equal opportunity for a nip trip is what I say. Free the Ta-Tas! Tittys! As Tosh would say.