Chocolate Sisters Productions @ Wicked Ale (no apples for you)

One of my favorite body paint bar gig experiences was when I painted two lovely unsuspecting ladies for a private Wicked Apple Ale taste party. These girls were troupers.

They show up thinking they were gonna be doing the same old shot girl promotion thing. Surprise! We need you to get into bikini bottoms and heels…then we’re gonna have you get body painted! Yay! Don’t worry they we’re professionals and I tell you what, for not being body painted before they did a great job keeping their nerves at bay.

Once the glitter got thrown down it was all butter from there for them. The power of glitter is a mighty strong force to behold. Just ask the male staff…they were drawn to it like worker bees to the Queen…or Queens in this case. It was comical. How many bartenders, bar backs and door guys do you need at one time to deliver free shots to these two beauties you ask? Seven!! #GlitterQueens